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Leather Craftsman Pt 5

In this final video of the series, Leather Craftsman, Martin Ashworth shares some more Trade Secrets.

The challenge is how to make replacement brass rivets look the same age as the case?

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Leather Craftsman Pt4

Trade Secrets: Here Martin shares some special techniques to age the new leather additions on his restoration project of a barrister’s briefcase.

As Martin explains, the objective is not to make it look new, but rather to make it look right. So the new leather needs to suddenly look like it has had 40 years of use and abuse…

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Leather Craftsman – Pt1.

Martin Ashworth is a Leather Craftsman who uses the skills and techniques of many different leather crafts. His unique business, The Leather Workshop, undertakes commissions and repair work for clients around the world. Every challenge is different, from making saddles, restoring and repairing antique leather goods, to even fixing the leather straps on a German tourist’s wooden leg.

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