Woodfest Wales – Great Woodworking Show!

Great fun, but tiring in the 25 degree heat!

Woodfest Wales this year was a great success for the organisers and thankfully, apart from a bit of murkiness on Friday, it was good weather with loads of sunshine over the weekend. From chainsaw carving, pole climbing and axe cutting championships, to stunt bike riding, bowl turning and loads of stalls, there was loads to see at this event. We were busy throughout the three days with lots of interest in the old fashioned tools I was demonstrating. We used the venue to gauge the public response to the new workbenches, made by my apprentice Jonathan, and now for sale on the website. There was plenty of interest in the new products and folks seemed to like the whopping Record N0.53 1/2 vice fitted to the bench top.

The demonstrations went well on the whole with loads of sharpening questions and crowds watching the molding planes being used. It was good to see Tony Murland with his fantastic range of second hand woodworking tools and lots of other second hand tool stalls. I do enjoy looking over tools that are priced to sell, as opposed to wishful thinking on the vendors side!

I should have taken a stack of photos so you could get a good flavour of the event but I was pretty much flat out demonstrating or preparing for the next demo, all day every day. Still, all good fun, and so many enthusiastic woodworkers…retired farmers, time served joiners, apprenticed joiners, hobbyists and professionals alike.

We look forward to attending the event next year which is growing in popularity and attendance every year.