Using Your Senses

One of the beautiful things about woodworking with hand tools is that you really engage the senses in everything that you do. We smell the essence of pine, mahogany, oak, with each stroke of the plane. In this quirky video Paul shows how he can adjust a plane blindfolded. Can he do it? Silly question really, would we have posted it if he failed? Well… maybe

The nerve endings in our fingertips are capable of detecting differences of 1000ths of an inch between two pieces of wood. That is quite incredible when you think about it, and the point is that in woodworking your fingertips can give you a huge amount of information.

So, as an experiment we challenged Paul to doing something that most people would do with their sense of touch and with their eyes, and asked him if he could do it with a different sense. We wanted to know if he could adjust his hand plane only using his sense of hearing.