Welcome to the new Artisan Media blog

Welcome to the new Artisan website! The plan, yes we do have one, is to post a wide variety of content across the wide range of crafts that we are working on. In the weeks and months to come we will be bringing short videos, articles, features, reviews and interviews on woodworking, blacksmithing, leather craft, stone carving, thatching, calligraphy, pottery and many more.

Filming the Working Wood Series. R-L  Simon, Lynwen, Dave, Paul (and Jeff)

Paul and Dave 

So who are Artisan Media, you might well ask?

Well, we are a small team based in North Wales. Some of us are film makers by trade (Dave, Lynwen and Roy), and those three are also enthusiastic amateurs working our way through Paul’s woodworking course. Lynwen’s first job before becoming a TV camerawoman was making puppets (muppet style) for TV, and now she has a grand plan to carve marionettes – but that is another story that will hopefully appear on our blog soon.

Simon is a builder / teacher / engineer and several other things too. But Gemma is the one who does all the real work, and holds Artisan Media together.

Paul Sellers should need no introduction, to anyone that has reached this section of our site!

Oh, and finally, Sally is our four legged “head of security”.

“Head of Security” And very effective too…

So please check back regularly, join in and add your comments, show us your projects and point out the people who inspire you and your craft!